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May 2006


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February 2006

"Historical and Interesting Views of Tunbridge Wells" - on CD-Rom

www.royaltunbridgewells.org - RTW 400th Anniversary CD-Rom Edition 2006

This special 400th Anniversary commemorative edition is now available.

It provides an historical pictorial record of Tunbridge Wells including a contemporary map of Royal Tunbridge Wells which has been edited to give access to:

over 3,500 images:
— Photographs of the town 2003 - 2005.
— Old pictures as engravings and post cards with historic documentation.

Old maps of Tunbridge Wells with zoom-in feature.

Electronic text of many old books such as Colbran and Pelton.

The CDs are on sale at a cost of 10.00 each (+ 1 p&p) and all profits are being donated to a local charity. If any member is interested in obtaining a copy of this CD-Rom please contact the Editor of Common Ground.

Historical and Interesting Views of Tunbridge Wells - Commemorative Edition 2006

July 2005

DO HAVE PICTURES ??? . . . . . .

We have reserved a huge space for "Visitors to the Commons".

If you have caught someone on camera you met on the Commons, please send in your art work not forgetting:

When? Where ? and Who ? for the caption.

If it is digital, just attach it to your e-mail. If you have only a printed copy we will scan it and return the original to you.

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